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History Kennel


Kennel "z Kyjovice " was founded in 1989 when it began operating the first breeding female Cira od Koťbacha ( line II - Povazie ), which I imported from Mr. Milata of Brušperk .



This bitch gave three breeders . First was  Adar Z Kyjovic , which was sold as a versatile dog in France and two breeding females  Bety and  Besy Z Kyjovic. Besy was later sold in district , which gave several litters ( kennel "Z Rostěnic" ) and Betty stayed home . Successfully completed PZ, LZ and MDrK , all in the first price . This Bety Z Kyjovic became the second brood bitch and also gave three individuals who were enrolled in the breed, and Heidy and Heru Z Kyjovic (first established itself in the breeding Prerov and the other worked in the Jesenice ) and dog Jack Z Kyjovic.



In 2000 I bought a puppy - bitch Era Z Rostěnic after female Besy Z Kyjovic a dog Salto vom Lingenauer Holz , it is German Shorthaired Pointer , who was the committee's decisions Kennel Club Czech fousek selected and admitted to the above bitch because of refreshing blood and improvement of traits Czech fouska as a breed . This bitch included in the breeding. She had 6 litters and gave stud dog Marco Z Kyjovic, who works in Mikulov in South Moravia and breeding bitches Lola and Meggy from Kyjovice operating in eastern Bohemia . In southern Moravia , he also Stud Dog Lord Z Kyjovic, who unfortunately died in 2010 . Furthermore, brood bitch Pam Z Kyjovic, which is near Nový Jičín. From the litter after the Era of R are also two breeding individuals , and Rita Z Kyjovic of which I have at home and breeding dog Ricky z Kyjovic, which is in Ostrava. Her last litter was a litter S and this is in South Moravia breeding female Sissi Z Kyjovic, dog Sam Z Kyjovic and in the Beskids stud dog from Salto Z Kyjovic. Currently Era breeding it does not , but he enjoys at home dog -deserved retirement.



The whiskers of Czech kennel "z Kyjovic " expressed interest in foreigners , so their friendliness and work can look forward breeders in Poland, Austria , Italy, the Slovak Republic, Belgium, France and Spain.


In 2005 was added to the kennel dog Ogar z Březové stráně ( line VII - Zborov ) , which I succeeded in 2006 after fulfilling all the conditions included in the breed. Versatile number of exams passed with 482 points. After Ogar are breeding individuals Rita and Ricky Z Kyjovic , and Storm Venaticus Major, which is active in farming in the Netherlands.


In 2008 , after an Era z Rostěnic and Ogar slopes of Birch born Rita Z Kyjovic. I left it at home , I continued to breed with  blood Shorthaired Pointer . Rita had three litters so far and right from the first litter gave two breeding females Tina  Z Kyjovic ( Uherskohradišťsko ) and Tara Z Kyjovic , which is in Jeseník. The second litter is now the sire of female Ute Z Kyjovic ( Uherskohradišťsko )  and Uran z Kyjovic (Zlín).



In 2009 I brought from Bohemia brown bitch Celia de Jean Baptiste . Bitch I'm now in 2011 included in the breeding. . So far, gave two litters.



English Cocker Spaniel

In 1993 it was bought in the kennel puppy English cocker spaniel , golden female Neli Akcezal that after compliance and inclusion in breeding bitch gave gold Fleur Z Kyjovic, from which later also became a breeding female and this gave a black stud dog IronZ Kyjovic. In 2004 I breed English Cocker Spaniel kennel "z Kyjovice " ended and I remain devoted only breed Czech fousek .



In 2007, was added to my kennel tricolor female beagle Otylka Z Loňského léta. had. In 2009, the first litter was born .


In 2011  Otylka z Loňského léta gave birth female Conny z Kyjovic, that we had at home and now in 2013 she is also included in the breed.


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